Welcome to scanlines

scanlines is a living community space

it is open to everyone - and we are always improving / figuring things out.

feel free to make suggestions :slight_smile:

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what is this all about?

this forum was created as a friendly place to discuss diy video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. it is hosted on our own servers running discourse, rocket.chat and peertube, and is intended as a refuge from large corporate social media sites. as a community run space, we hope to facilitate sharing of information and encouragement among newcomers and old schoolers alike.

guide to using this space

  • you can easily embed videos from vimeo, youtube, and twitch livestreams, by pasting the link on a line by itself (with an empty line above and below it). you can also embed iframes from hydra-editor.glitch.me and share code blocks.
  • wiki posts can be edited by any user.
  • for mobile, it is possible to access this forum via the discoursehub apps for android and ios, in addition to the mobile browser.
  • you can also use the rocket.chat apps for android and ios to access our chat in addition to visiting chat.scanlines.xyz in the browser.
  • there is a “light mode” theme that you can enable in your preferences if you would prefer a white background.

our intentions as a community

while we aim for minimal imposed structure & hierarchy, we need to state some things we stand for and some we don’t. in order to create the welcoming space we want to be a part of, we must reject discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, and ability. we stand against fascism and bullying, hostile competitiveness, and consumerism. everyone who visits here can play a role in keeping an eye out for harmful behaviors.

what we do stand for: respectful and thoughtful communication, making people feel comfortable asking questions and learning, and being open to adapt as we go.


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