The cost of freedom

some might say that an online community space that doesnt invade your privacy, exploit your data, enable the spread of hate or serve only to profit big-tech is priceless.

actually all this and more can be created for as little as 17.99 per month !

we dont have funding, grants or sponsers to run this space. if you can and want to help by contributing a small amount to cover these (pretty low) server costs iv created a page here. there is no need to give more if this target is reached (unless like me you are already dreaming of what other community services we could provide!)

economic times are weird and theres a lot of very worthy causes for your donations right now. we will keep this site running regardless x

(note: since stripe fees are charged per transaction it makes more sense to give in larger chunks if at all possible. eg if you wanted to give 2 euros a month, this would cost 2.30 in monthly payments , but six months worth would by only 12.40 )


bumping this thread, plus

got the first batch from a couple circuits been working on with help from folks on scanlines:

for everyone contributing to the server costs here pm me your address and you can have first dibs on these limited scanlines edition pcbs if you want

(these designs are all fully open source and there will be more info / updates coming, just wanted to see now if there. might be some interest in a lowkey incentive / appreciation mail-club for those willing to help share the costs )


can I just send a paypal payment as a donation?

yes. the librepay has a paypal option inside it -> which you cant do recurring payment for i think, but should work for one-times

its a bit easier to keep track if done through librepay , but you can also paypal me to:

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Note: that i updated the goal amount for server costs on liberapay to include the VAT i pay plus the server/storage for our peertube instance