Video Camera Recommendations

Hello all!

Was just wondering what you use for getting a live video feed.

I bought a few cameras from Goodwill to bring in video but when I send the video out via composite cable, they always leave artifacts, like battery power remaining or other various video settings.

What types of cameras do you all use for rescanning or just capturing live video that you can instantly edit?


We use a Canon XM2 (digital pro/prosumer camcorder, ~2000-2005). It has both S-Video and composite outputs where by default, no overlays (icons, settings etc) are shown (they’re always visible in the onboard display or in the viewfinder.

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:video_camera: I’ve just tagged #camera a few other threads so maybe check them out too:


That Canon XM2 is a beauty!

Thank you for tagging those posts, I will keep looking around.


Hey! Just a note for anyone looking to get a composite video camera that does not have overlays, I bought this Security camera for cheap of amazon.

It costs about $50 but I was able to grab a used one for $30! Been using it for a month now and I have no complaints. It’s not HD by far but it definitely does the job and I like how grimey it can get when you max out of some of the settings.


security cameras are great!