Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1, psu build

scored a VE-1 color modifier. It seems neat but has no power adapter…
It requires +5 vdc @ 600 mA and -5 vdc @ 500 mA.

I ordered an ac to dc +5,-5V 1.7 A dual output AC-DC switching power supply board.

I am trying to figure out how to wire it up to the mini din 5 pin connector. Does anyone have a VE-1 power supply they can test and give me a pin out?

What tests can I do to figure out how to properly wire it?

Is there a schematic floating around?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don’t want to blow this pretty thing up. I really want to add it to my signal path to play colors :slight_smile:

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are you sure?
If you mean a videonics VE-1, mine has a 12AC adapter (left side on the back)
the right hand side din socket is for s-video
(I’m based in the EU, but I don’t think there will be that much difference in other countries…)

the backside tells me that it needs a 12v AC 800mA power supply.

see here for docs:

Thanks for the reply! They released different revisions with different power supplies. I happened to get a goofy one I guess. Below is a terrible pic, but lists the +5vdc -5vdc. Does your unit have mini din power connector or a barrel connector?

barrel. so there is the difference.
weird that they use those different power options. maybe there were several revisions.

you could open up the case to looks at the pin connections.
most PSU connections have capacitors to GND , like so:

so if the pin has a connection to the negative side of an electrolythic capacitor, it is the -5v input, positive connection is +5v
trace the pin routings through ferrite beads / resistors and maybe diodes.
Probably only 3 pins are used
maybe ask @bastien, he might know about these different psu connections?

Cool thank you! Im new to the electronics repair and building hobby. Cant wait to make video feedback loops with this puppy!

Pulled it apart today. Here are some pics of the board for those of you interested. Looks like this board may have been modified? Not sure if it was a factory or after market circuit change… hopefully i get this to work… if not its getting returned. Any tips on how to tigure out which side is positive and which side is negative on the capacitors off the power input would be greatly appreciated.

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Just a quick guide to help figure if your Videonics Video Equalizer is VE-1 or VE-1a

Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1 has a power switch at the top left on the face of the device and uses a power adapter with a mini din 5 pin connector.

Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1a does not have the power switch on the front and uses a power supply with a barrel connector.

Also, shout out to Logan at Tachyons Plus who has a great mod for this piece of gear.


…i was investigating the same topic recently; it seems there were two revisions, one from 1991 with the +5V/-5V PSU and the other from 1993 with the 12V AC-AC PSU…

Do you think the wires and circuit modifications I pictured are from the factory?

…i’d say: yes…

(those wires look suspiciously like the ones used for bridges on my '93 PAL-version - and that free-form construction on the voltage-regulator (…))


Thanks to you all and cyberboy666, I have now traced and figured out how to wire the plug up! Once my 5 pin mini din plug gets here, I’ll give it a shot and hope not to release blue smoke!! Lol ill provide a pin out once I have a working unit!

Sorry for the delay… Ive been over run at work, and believe the connetors I ordered never arrived.

Did you ever get more 5 pin mini din connectors? I ordered some to make a psu for a VE-1 I got on eBay and wouldn’t mind mailing you one or 2. And any info you could share about the PSU’s pin out would be fucking awesome! Just DM me and I’ll send you those plugs.

Just picked up one of these about a month ago, would love if anyone were willing to share some info/guides about DIYing those Tachyons+ mods or something similar!

I also just picked one up form eBay without the PSU after seeing it was available on Amazon but didn’t know about the two versions until finding this post. The one on Amazon is the barrel style, my unit is the 5 pin style. Would like to know where to find a substitute PSU, modify an exiting PSU or two, modify the unit, anything to make it work.

It is indeed -5 VDC @ 500ma and +5 volts VDC @ 600ma, 15 watts. Original part number PWR5-D001. I’m sure there is a Meanwell part with these specs. I would not know how to find it. Then just a matter of someone measuring the voltage of an existing original PSU to determine the pin out, get a male 5 pin mini din, solder it up, and we’ll be all set.

I found this image from an old auction.

First thing I’d do is open it up and check for continuity between a ground point on the PCB and all of the pins in the DIN jack. Hopefully three of the five pins are all conected to ground nstead of left floating, so you can at least figure out which pins are hot.

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Pin 5 and 3 are ground. They each have a separate connection to the board.

The main voltage pins seem to be 4 and 1.
C1 (a small ceramic or film cap) joins pins 4 and 2.

Pins 4 and 1 then go to the positive sides of C2 and C3 which are electrolytic caps.

The current then goes to the power switch which is two poles. It connects pins 4 and 1 to rest of the circuits. On the other side of the power switch pin 1 connects to Q1 and pin and pin 4 connects to R1 (or 2, not sure).

I don’t know if this is enough info to determine which lead should be +5v and which should be -5v (4 and 1). And what would go to pin 2? The sleeve did not go to ground.

It could have a 0v that’s separate from true ground I guess? I don’t know enough about power supplies to really have much idea.

I’m in contact with Logan and he says he can help out. His unit is in storage so it will be a few weeks until he can get to it.