Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1, psu build

Logan will be busy until Oct. If anyone has the 5 pin PSU and would like to help us out please let us know and we can tell you how to measure it.

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I ordered a Rainbowonic (modified VE-1) from Logan, he emailed a few days ago and said it was on the way soon. It has a 5 pin PSU, when I get it I will let you know.


Ok, did you receive it yet?

I never rush Logan. He will send it when he’s ready, but hopefully soon!

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A new one with the original PSU has become available on eBay and I have purchased it. I’ll provide an update as soon as I can.


I also own a Rainbowonic - it’s a great machine.

Logan stressed that I should be as careful as possible with the power supply - and that they are harder to find the unit itself - good luck to everyone trying to figure out the pinout. It’s beyond me but I bet it would help a lot of folks.

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If you have the 5 pin PSU, @nsputnik is looking for some help with it…

Also, I hope Logan is ok after the hurricane

Logan has been in LA all week. He drove a Teleglitch he built for a client across the country to California. He’ll be at Desert Daze today. Coincedently, the unit I bought on eBay with the PSU shipped out from an area of Florida that got hit hard the day before the hurricane hit. I’ll get it on Monday.

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@nsputnik: does pin_4 go to c2 & pin_1 go to c3 ? when you say positive side do you mean to the + marked on the silkscreen, or actual positve as per the - marked on the cap ?

since in this picture c2 seems to be placed oppisite direction to how the silkscreen indicates:


I do think I meant 4 to C2 and 1 to C3 but I’ll open it again and confirm. Regarding the positive sides of the cap vs silk screening on the board, I don’t recall but will double check.

I just got another unit with a power supply. They are both working so I’ll post my findings soon.

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Here are my findings when measuring the PSU pins for DCV.

pin 5 ground against 4 meter’s red lead: +4.95 DVC
pin 3 ground against 2 meter’s red lead: +4.95 DVC
pin 3 ground against 1 meter’s red lead: -4.99 DVC

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thanks a lot for this!

i hate seeing working hardware being unusable due to power-supply rarity lol.

just so we are clear:
plug: male
jack: female

There is continuity between the two grounds at the unit’s jack and at the PSU’s plug.

There is no continuity between the 2 pins on the PSU’s plug that are outputting +5VDC (4 and 2) nor at the two jacks that receive +5VDC on the unit. Does this mean pin 4 and pin 2 each need their own +5VDC? I don’t know. We are not done figuring this out! PROCEED WITH CAUTION. DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSION JUST YET.

cyberboy666 I see you posted this on another thread but I would suggest you take that down since we are not done yet.