player spinner keeps spinning

First of all, thanks to those people behind all this for taking the time and effort to build a video community and video hosting. This is inspiring and I hope to see more people around here.

For the issue: I can stream videos just fine, the only issue I’m facing is that the spinner does not go away after buffering is done:

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 13.26.15

This does not happen in Firefox or in Safari, but only in Chrome. On a Mac.

hey, thanks for the heads up. i just tested this (i usually use firefox but i opened it in chrome) and i’m seeing the same thing on my end.

i’d guess it’s a bug in the peertube software. i wonder if updating peertube could help solve it (looks like we’re on v5 and there’s a v6 available). there are some other known issues with the peertube (long videos not playing back in full) which i’m not sure if are due to our specific instance/config or just peertube in general.

@cyberboy666 do you think upgrading it would be a good idea? was it a lot of effort when you did it before?

in the meantime i’d suggest using firefox for anyone who can

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Tracked down the issue. Looks like peertube@5.2.1 fixes it:

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cool as - yea i think its a good idea to update to v6 anyway - theres some cool new features and im also hoping that our long video transcoding issue will fix itself eventually also… (havnt had much luck with the live-stream feature of peertube working for our instance either - hopfully this might be working soon too!)

it can be a bit of a pain to update as u sometimes need to bump up node and some other packages first but i think i kept notes from last time i did it so hopfully it goes smoothly… should find some time to do this in the coming weeks…


can someone with chrome on mac check if this spinning issue is resolved now we running peertube 6.0.1 ?

Tested in Chrome on Mac+iOS and the spinner is gone now. Hurray!