Vidicon2020 x scanlines brainstorm

i have been talking with @edk from vidicon about their upcoming festival for video artists of all kinds (November 12th - 15th)

since the event will be virtual this year, and they (like us) would prefer to avoid problematic big-tech platforms where possible, we thought about combining some of the resources from scanlines to help power the festival

in particular, the idea was to embed a channel from the scanlines chatroom onto a vidicon landing page, next to the livestream (maybe also through our stream setup?) - this landing page should also link to other rooms/services (jitsi workshops plus some vr stuff i think) and maybe show the schedule…

happy to hear any thoughts on this idea ? thinking about opening up the chat to anonymous users and probably increasing the size of the droplet for the duration of the festival. the chat embed could be done in a similar way to how @palomakop has it here on the forum…


this sounds like a great idea, i also was thinking that it would be cool to set up a round table discussion for vidicon on the subject of DIY video tools, maybe you would be interested in taking part?


would be really simple to do. you can just make an iframe pointing to that channel.

one thing i wonder is, whether it’d be possible to allow anonymous users only for that specific channel? otherwise it would mean that anons could view or write in any channel. which isn’t out of the question imo but would require a certain amount of babysitting to make sure that we don’t start getting spam.


@andrei_jay sounds fun, would be interested.

And yah @palomakop I also wondered that. Had a lil poke around in the settings and it’s not obvious but also there’s lots of things you can set. I don’t think it would be much of a problem anyway, and also the anon users are of a different type to normal users so in the end we can purge all those anon accounts which will remove all their data too

having a Play with iframe chat now, yes seems easy enough…

…not sure if a github hosted static page (like the stream.scanlines ) is suitable for this application or better to host it directly on a droplet…

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if i’m understanding your last question correctly, theres no need to create another page to host it, we can send an iframe code for the vidicon site that links straight to the chat.scanlines droplet!

Yes! Really happy for the collaboration. I have also offered to shoulder any server costs for the duration of Vidicon as it only makes sense! We might need to beef up the servers based on audience who knows. Maybe the peertube costs as well and we can upload the 2-4TB of archived video from Vidicon 2019.

@autr has offered his custom Jitsi platform for our diy workshops and hang out spaces, so I think that means the streams will be mutable with hydra video synths. Should be wild and fun.

@BastienL and @cyberboy666 have offered to do some DIY workshops from home.

I’d also like to have a Google Hubs section loaded in there for laughs. The platform is wild and could be a fun space for impromptu gallery shows or renegade streams since you can load up twitch streams etc.

That’s the basics of how it will be put together. Do we have any design/css geniuses that would be willing to make the landing page have an… a e s t h e t i c ???

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ahh yes. i meant using github pages for the vidicon page that has the chat iframe in it - currently they dont have a frontpage where the stream / chat / links etc will be served.

i whipped this up quickly just to play with the chat embed - but ijust mean not sure if github-pages is suitable for the vidicon landing page ,

is google-hub something like the Mozilla hub thing you mentioned before ? when i google google hub i just see this:

and yes lets chat some more about the video hosting. still thinking about what might be the best way to do this…

oh i see, i didn’t realize that there wasn’t already a page for that.
i have a service called persona which i use for hosting simple websites. it’s a website editor but also allows you to access the css & html and you can hook up domains to them, and it’s free for me to create additional sites if we’d like to use it for this. for example i made the télépresence site on there. i find it a little easier to quickly spin up sites and edit the custom styling than on github / making css from scratch.

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yeah that sounds awesome (i only use github because iv made exactly 1 website in my life and that was how i did it then lol)

it is easy / possible for others to contribute to the code with persona ?

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i’m less sure of that. i did collaborate on a project with another person on there but we both had paid accounts (or in their case, free upgrade lol) but i could look into it.
i’m picturing something like the layout of a stream on youtube or twitch where the chat is always visible in the right sidebar (should jump to below the video on mobile).

just tried it. i created a new site for vidicon, created a shill free account with the username vidicon_2020, and gave it editor access. so we could share the login for that account while using the “upgrade” from my account.

edit: it’s here: - ignore the annoying default template. i would not exactly describe myself as a “css genius” but i would say i can finesse an “a e s t h e t i c.”
is there a domain for vidicon website yet? (and if not, should we get one?)

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there is already so i guess @edk can hook us up with a sub domain from this ?

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nice. so yeah maybe like “” or something depending on preference / what the role of this page will be.

@palomakop no short selling yourself, you’re some kind of genius if not a css genius. I am super impressed with the Scanlines aesthetic. works! I’ll try to pretty up the page, it’s using some weird Odoo website editor which is a bit jank.

@cyberboy666 Whoops I meant MOZILLA hubs which is infinitely cooler:

cool ! let’s connect some time we aren’t both working :wink: and figure out how to get some dns settings configured and discuss website stuff in general!

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@cyberboy666 @edk so i started trying to make something, but i realized there might be an issue with bringing in the video.js script into a persona page. here’s where i got so far:

a couple potential fixes for this would be:

  1. dont use persona
  2. create a page thats just a full-page-sized video.js player and embed that as an iframe (for example we could use that github pages page Tim already made and just take everything out except the player)
  3. use a different streaming service which offers embed codes instead of our server (maybe we dont want this option but since ed mentioned that they would be streaming to youtube as well anyway i guess im not totally clear on what the goals are here?)

anyways lmk what you think about this (think im leaning towards trying out option 2) – and message me if you want the login for this persona site thing.

Option 2 sounds good to me, not sure how #3 will work. I think the idea we had was to send a stream to the Scanlines NGINX server and then serve it up on the page. Not sure about multistreaming yet, but i’ll follow up with Jake tonight and see what he says.

Sounds good to me too, I will remove the other stuff and just leave the stream embed on rhat page I linked above