Whats everyone working on these days?

The Roland P-10 seems like the perfect hardware back up to have some clips ready to go. I have one but always unusual to not see them used more often.

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I record the footage at 240 fps. Then the films are converted to 24 fps. The themes are flowing water, flying insects, fabric ribbons in the wind…

This is the result of post-processing the slow-motion shots with openFrameworks and Kdenlive.

dystopian bees

jets of a fountain II

fabric ribbons in the wind


Been enjoying processing footage of video games through framebuffers - !

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Game is called Cloud Gardens, for reference

my free time project for the last couple weeks has been a memory palace emulation in touchdesigner but has started to grow its own legs. Those legs are based on other TD work I’ve done in the past

Warp and paint mode are working as I remember them

One of the additions that can be seen in a lot of this video is that in paint mode moving the delay slider beyond 0 will start to make “loops”. Using the freeze button and repositioning allows for you to draw multiple “loops” on the screen at once. There are lots of examples of this behavior in the video below (the elephant and mariah carey excerpts are good examples…)

https://www.instagram.com/p/CeJYOdxOhWt/ this is also a specific example of what I mean by “looping”

I have also added a temporal displacement section I’m not sure that it will make it into the first release though.


this is an example from a previous patch (not the current MP patch) of this type of displacement.

Variable mirroring allows you to set the angle of two mirrors instead of just having H&V mirrors. These also have motion controls like several of the other controls.

I also added a full color matte option so when you make a key instead of having the original image showing through it is a full color matte. Instead of a color matte it could be patched to be anything else too. This matte has motion controls and can do some really neat color replacement .


here are a couple examples of this color matte mode.

Additionally I beefed up the motion control section just a bit. I added S&H and random. You can variably S&H the main control input, the built in motion control LFO, or the random. The random value can also be slewed or not just like the main control and motion LFO.

there are a couple different sections in the video


displacement + paint looping

displacement + paint looping + color matte + temporal displacement

External key input

paint looping

variable mirroring

This compilation is more paint mode than warp mode but there are a couple warp pieces in the mix I just forgot which ones are warp

My hope with eventually being able to share the pieces and the larger patch would be that people are able to peak under the hood / play with rearranging the pieces / add some experimental sections of their own!


here is a video compilation of things that have come out during testing/fixing this week


Currently I have just started and when I say started I mean with my journey into analog video mixing. I’ve been editing video for at least 12 13 years from car crash compilations when I was very young to make in the trippiest videos I can for me and my friends to watch while tripping LOL honing in on those skills has been fun but I just took the leap and purchased a videonics MX Pro mx3000 without the power cord LOL I did not know of this problem until after the purchase so if anyone has a walk around for that it would help out a lot also I’m not sure how good the board is so any thoughts on it would be awesome. As of right now I am transferring VHS tapes to digital old home movies all the Disney stuff anything and everything that would be good for stock footage and I’m also transferring DVD to VHS because why not more stock footage is good LOL. As of right now I have a camcorder from 1987 that is pretty dope takes the larger VHS of course and then I have one from 96 that takes the vhsc that one’s a lot easier to hold LOL. And I have a DVD VHS combo VCR. I’m not really sure what I want to achieve mostly I make music so I guess in the end I’m wanting to create content that I can use with my music but I’m also working on two movies one is more of just an idea where the camera person is my imaginary friend and is still just a concept but I love the idea and then without going to in-depth I am working on a horror movie with old home movies but I’m going to cut in a murder scene which is going to be kind of hard because I have to get a beta Max recorder and then transfer that video to VHS and then transfer that VHS to digital so that I can keep the same texture if you feel me I want the filmed scene to look exactly like the whole movies and I think that’s the only way I could possibly do it because that was the process in the whole movies being created. Passive right now to answer your question I’m building my analog video rig I’ve released 25 songs this past Friday on all streaming platforms. And I’m releasing 10 more next Friday and then every Friday after that I am going to have a song released throughout at least the end of the year and building my social media following. Any insight y’all can bring would be awesome also collaboration with music or video I’m attaching my website with links to all my social on here cheers friends I love this site will donate when I can.

Ps tell.ie is dope, free, and invite only so if you want an invite lmk

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Did a live video performance in Minneapolis with sound by a friend - cheers yall


I’m here for the car crash acid comps lol

love how your site is laid out, tellie seems pretty neat. Would it be possible to kindly request an invite?

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Much appreciated fam here’s a link for the invite :tickets: Use my invite code to get early access to Tellie: UQZI2H Build Your Web3 Website on Tellie

Got some LZX With Staircase, Smx3, and glitches from Synonie CBV001.


Finally started building an FFG. The regulators, 1n4001’s and a few odd value resistos are still on order so I can only get so far, but at least all of the IC sockets and all but two resistor on the control board are on now. Need to get an enclosure cut, too, so I can do that in the mean time.

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I made one earlier this year and I love it! Good luck!

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Only things left to do are mount some LED tape inside the reflector, and be Dean Stockwell.

EDIT: picked up a nice pair of 24u Hammond rack rails on eBay for $20, so I guess the next thing is to make a rack so I can get rid of the beat up 12u SKB case that I’ve been using (and free up the nice, rolling kitchen cart it’s on for holding video stuff).

EDIT 2: finished up a Systech Harmonic Energizer clone today. Sounds amazing. Started out intending to do it point to point on perfboard but ended up getting an AionFX PCB since they’re only $12 and it saves some hassle wiring up the off-board parts. Sounds amazing.


Seriously amazing.

I’ve been doing more unpacking and I had almost forgotten that back in 2011 I picked up a new-old-stock (open box) Via EPIA M10000 mini ITX motherbord with the composite and s-video option installed, RAM, and 1394 breakout cables/panel for 30 bucks on eBay. I’ve got quite a few things I need to do first, but at some point this year I’m going to finally get a MiniITX case and small hard drive and get it up and running. I remember reading that it has issues with early Windows versions (it was designed for Windows XP and Linux according to the manual) but it should still be useful for running low overhead 90s software like that Peter thing I found the other day (which I’ve been poking around with a little in my spare time, and so far it’s even more promising than I expected) and running it through the video rig when that’s back together (which will also be a while, although progress is being made).

The original plan was to use it as a dedicated Seer Systems Reality machine, but I’ve got a feeling it won’t work well or at all for that, since it’s legendarily picky about what hardware it’s running on (and only works with Windows 95 and maybe original - NOT SE - 98).

If nothing else, there was an old, freeware, generative video program called BOMB that is more or less impossible to search for (but I’ve got a copy on a hard drive somewhere), ran fullscreen with no UI, completely keyboard driven, and worked under everything from DOS (IIRC) up to at least Windows 7, so that would be pretty fun to throw in. I remember it being very playble.

EDIT: actualy, I already had BOMB on my laptop, here it is:

EDIT: I’ve had no issues with this since I downloaded it in the lat e90s, and none of the antivirus and antimaware programs I have installed detect anything, but one user below had it flagged by their antivirus so fair warning that something could be up. It’s tough to know with old software, the heuristics modern antivirus use don’t always understand Windows 95.

bomb-1.28.zip (2.6 MB)

I remember Gephex being pretty rough on the Pentium III I had the last time I actually tried it so I don’t expect it to run too well on a MiniITX from like 2005 but it could be an option, too.

Nice one.

i am finally trying out incorporating live liquids into a video performance!

many shout outs to @LiquidLightLab for leading a workshop on them at Phase Space and also providing us with a bunch of materials.

@andrei_jay took this video during our practice for performing at an upcoming show at phase space…


Makes me wish I didn’t give away my overhead projector.

You’re braver than I am playing a show in Brooklyn right now. All it took for me to get Covid was forgetting my mask one time when I went to pick up a calzone last week, and I’m only in Providence.

I should start doing EBM so I can play shows in a gas mask.

I’m getting some virus alert from trying to download BOMB… not sure what’s up!