[WIP] SNOW - Analog video noise

After a successful prototyping session yesterday on the VEB,
I came up with a new project “SNOW”

The idea is to make a Video Noise Source module .
In the current schematic not everything is connected yet and some values and voltages will be changed later. Work in Progress!

Current features:
analog transistor noise
highpass filter
bias control (very rough state, this will be a trimmer on the back)
gain control (now it is just a attenuator)

Upcoming features:
comparator output (possible with CV control over bias)
more outputs with several filter configurations
…and more

Sunday Noise screenshots:



Great name for this module! :slight_smile:

Looks great! Tis the season

It was already snowing here today, so I did some more work on it.
I had some new ideas about the filter sections. to filter after the amplification, and have several configurations. (lowpass, highpass) I still have to test the values, but it will become something like this.

I might make one simple noise source, and later a bigger extended version
This way I can release the first SNOW for the holidays :slight_smile:
The simple one will have 2 pots (gain + comparator threshold), 4 output jacks and maybe a switch
*which noise is routed to the comparator. filtered of white. I have to test if this is interesting enough.
else it may become a jumper setting.

The comparator section is working in the simulation:

2x offset pot
2x level pot
1x comparator pot
1x comparator source switch (noise1 or noise2)
2x noise out jacks
2x filtered out jacks (2x highpass filters with gain settings)
1x comparator out jack





boards are ordered! (black panel & pcb)
I’ll update the schematic when all is tested and working.

I’m in! But you knew that :slight_smile:

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