Discourse "Trust Levels" / limitations and permissions for new/active/old users

While reading @scztt’s very first post I realized Discourse (the software application behind this forum) is currently enforcing a maximum of 2 active links per post to new users.

I feel like we may get rid of it. AFAIK limitations on links are meant for spambots, but should those appear, we can likely take care of them as soon as they get active.

It’s not a big deal in itself, but I think the default set of “Trust Levels” for Discourse is way too complex for our needs, and there may be other limitations we don’t need.

Suggestion: immediately assign “Regular” status to new members?

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We had the same issue on scsynth.org - IIRC I fixed by upping the newuser max links to 20 or something, but ditching trust level 0 also makes sense for a smaller board like this or scsynth.

yes i agree with all of this, not super in favor of heirarchical board limitations at all

I also agree. I mostly stick with smaller communities like this, and I don’t remember ever seeing a community have the problems that trust levels are meant to address until they’d been around for a few years and had at least 500 active users, and even then it usually wasn’t an issue.

And it’s not like we couldn’t revert back if there’s ever a reason to.

we talked about disabling titles / restrictions etc for this forum when setting it up.

there is quite a lot of menus in the admin panel tho, and it is hard to see from here what the site enforces at lower levels --> so thanks for pointing these things out @pixelflowers

i just changed a few settings that should help -> new users should start at trustlevel==3

updating all existing users to this trust level was a little more involved but is done now too

for the record i ssh’d into the droplet, and ran:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
discourse backup
rails c 
users=User.where("admin=false and trust_level<3")
users.update_all(trust_level: 3)

always happy to improve this site where we can :slight_smile: