Does anyone know of any good colorizers?


I’ve been using the colorizer on my Edirol V-4 but want something that works a little better.

I’m planning on building Rob Schafer’s 2.1 color 5v colorizer! Once I get the parts together. Rob Schafer's 2.1 color 5v colorizer!

But I was just wondering if there was anything else out there on the market.
All I can seem to find is a Circuit bent Colorizer on Etsy Circuit Bent Colorizer Deformation Lo Fi Video Glitch Synth | Etsy

Been dreaming of something like Dave Jones Colorizer for years now
Details about it can be found in this DVD set -set-8-dvds

I have the DVD set, I might upload a clip of it in action. It is an incredibly beautiful colorizer!



I had no idea about that Dave Jones Colorizer…!!! Amazing!

I have a Syntonie FFG, and it is much more interesting at colorizing my feeds than the basic colorizer on my V8. Truth be told, I haven’t explored all of the colorizer options on the V8 since the FFG is such a playable instrument/effect.


you could check out the Jones MVIP module!


if you are info older equipment, the Videonics VE-1 has some very interesting coloring features.


I agree at how beautiful the Jones colourizer is - not sure if you have had the chance to peak into his new modular system , but I’m pretty sure there is a prototype for an updated version of this in his euro format, coming soon (soon relative to when these tools were first designed that is :sweat_smile: )

Regarding robs 2.1 color circuit. I have some pcbs for this project that I’m willing to share(/sell) soon - I’m just trying to get a pal version of it working also. Almost there but needs another revision atleast. It is pretty hacky compared to jones etc but lots of fun for the simplicity.

I second the sytonie ffg- colors on this are awesome , and all the cv controls etc make it very playable - you could also check out the original projects this is based on - @BastienL shared gerbers based directly on this although not sure if anyone had tried building from these yet ?

for digital colorizer effects, besides the v4/v8 mixers , also there’s some options in rpi format. @andrei_jay has an esoteric one in their ecosystem… there’s some colourizer processing effects on recur , plus @wednesdayayay has made one too I think.


(Also I have a wip project for a v hacky entry-level video synth that will include some colorizer functions. If all goes well. A wee bit off but Watch this space haha )


I LOVE this community! You all really are so inspirational.

jay - Thank you so much I did not know about Sytonie, I am definitely buying an FFG!

palomakop - Big Fan of you! I had no idea Jones was still making gear. So happy that he is! The Jones MVIP is absolutely going on my list of gear to buy.

reverselandfill - Love your Triple Comparator module for the Gijs Gieskes 3TrinsRGB-1c. Keep up the great work. I totally forgot about the colorizer on the Videonics VE-1 and I own two for some reason! I will definitely mess with this tonight!

cyberboy666 Always a blessing to hear from you. I am definitely interested in your wip project for a hacky entry-level video synth. Love everything you’ve done with r_e_c_u_r. Looking forward to this new project. I would absolutely be interested in getting a pcb for Robs 2.1 color circuit once you’re ready. I only work in NTSC so PAL isn’t a problem for me.

Well, I guess I know what I’m spending my stimulus check on! Thanks again everyone!



Here is clip of the Dave Jones Colorizer from the Experimental Television Center DVD set - Early Media Instruments. This is just a short portion of the Colorizer demo. There is more to the demo (not included in this video clip) where Dave uses control voltage from an oscillator to adjust color inputs. Really wonderful piece of technology.


Probably stating the obvious here, but an LZX system can do all sorts of crazy stuff in this vein (and beyond).

But of course it gets expensive pretty quickly. And also sort of a weird time to start with LZX because they are in the process of shifting to a new line of modules, so not much is available. …Though the DIY offerings from Syntonie, Reverselandfill, Visible Signals, etc. can help in both regards.


I just stumbled on, where I found an article and a few videos about some Showtime Video Ventures Showmaster Video Colorizers.

I’ve only skimmed the surface but both the whole website and the Youtube channel seem to be interesting and fitting to Scanlines (old video gear reviews, repair documentation, history, experiments…)


and another problem is without a sync available module availbable it is hard to start! beginners have to wait for the chromagnon or start a hunt for vidiot / visual cortex / various cadets. which take some time!

check this thread for more infos

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all that showtime gear looks pretty crazy


I’ve got a few of the Showtime Video Venture boxes, and I’ve been meaning to try them out. First thing I did was open them up to see what lives inside.


Hey did you do anything with the enhancer? I just found one this weekend in a thrift store for $10, pretty sure I’m going back for it. Might talk’em down to $5!

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Haven’t done much with it, but I say worth your $5 or $10! If I get setup this weekend I will record a demo.

Thanks - it even has rca converters and cables already attached! Just going to see if it will power up in the shop.