How to capture video wiki (stand alone or otherwise)

this is a wiki feel free to edit/add this post
(I’m trying to only add things that I’ve used so if you see something that isn’t on here put it up!)

the goal here is to help describe different methods of capturing video to some kind of medium.

Stand alone

sometimes you don’t want to have a computer involved while recording


VHS wikipedia

  • Takes composite input
  • Machines are currently pretty much free to get started with
  • Records to VHS tapes
  • Tapes are cheap


S-VHS wikipedia


The art of pointing a camera at a screen

First rescan tests

  • This is a playlist trying out rescanning at different resolutions (480,720,1080,4k)

4k Rescan playlist

this video discusses some of the points you’ll need to address when rescanning a CRT

  • Things of Note
    – set camera to 1/60 (NTSC) / 1/50 (PAL) shutter speed
    – turn off lights in room and/or utilize/make a monitor hood
    – adjust back light on monitor if possible otherwise adjust brightness/iso until a desirable image is found.
    – on my camera in a dark room an iso of 100/200 is necessary for rescanning
Cameras used for rescan
Mevo plus

I’m using a mevo plus (only because the place I work for bought one and it isn’t getting used currently)
I would not really recommend this camera unless you understand how it works as it is weird…
that being said a newer version has been released so this version is fairly cheap on ebay now.

Black Magic hyperdeck shuttle 2

Black magic hyperdeck shuttle 2


In order to get a useable input into the hyperdeck shuttle from the LZX visual cortex component output use the Extron 300a to get the video into the YUV colorspace.

AV > microSD

Composite to microSD


that 3 minute video is 32.3 MB

you can access the SD card through a USB port on the unit or with a regular microSD card reader if you wanted to take it out


computer based recording is sometimes a great answer

Black magic intensity shuttle

Black magic intensity shuttle

with the intensity shuttle you can get a ton of different formats and resolutions into your computer once you have it in the computer you’ve got to figure out where to go from there


BMD driver and app download
then search for the intensity shuttle and look for the correct “desktop video xx.x” download for your machine. If you are using an older mac I had to go back to like 10.7. The problem may have been fixed since then but I haven’t tried another download since it works.

Make sure to set up your shuttle to be looking for the right resolution at the correct input or else you may feel like the thing doesn’t work. On a mac you go to system preferences > Black magic desktop video > intensity shuttle
set things for whatever you are trying to capture

for instance my LZX component capture settings are



  • shows up in OBS as “USB Camera”




Maybe there should be some points about Timebase Correctors in the VHS section? Additionally, it might be worth mentioning MiniDV for recording, and the fact that VHS will typically hold an image for 20-25 years, at least. . . So, ultimately VHS is kinda a nice archival format, as well?


sounds like a good idea !

do you know how to edit the post @videopunks ?


absolutely! this was just a rough drat that I was slowly working on and then I had another post I wanted to make so I put up what I had.

My vision of this wiki is much bigger than it currently is!

added some meat to these bones

I’ll still need to put up some capture demos of VHS / SVHS / HDMI > USB

I think now that things are pretty well setup I’ll do a capture with each unit of the same material + maybe some test images so you can compare demos a little more meaningfully (as much as youtube allows for anyway…)

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added a rescan section
with playlists and basic techniques

Ooh this is a good wiki I will be sure to link it in the description of this video I made recently, where I talk about some of the same stuff and methods in general:

One thing that isn’t specifically mentioned here which I cover in my video is pointing the camera at a projection, which is the same pretty much as rescanning, except because the projection is so big, it offers unique opportunities for producing camera feedback in ways that are otherwise not possible.

the old double camera/double projector feedback is great stuff you can start flipping the orientation of the image around on the projector and the feedback is totally different.

At the end of the day it is still just rescanning an image.

if you want to add information about that specific technique that is what wikis are for!

Any recs for a decent, not outrageously expensive HD camera/camcorder for the end of my chain? I may have a deal on a nice BVM so would like to capture solid high quality images/video to “publish”.

panasonic lumix series have been prety nice in my experience!

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So it looks like Black Magic has discontinued the Intensity Shuttle? It’s no longer on the Black Magic website, and I’m guessing they stopped supporting and updating since when I use it on my new laptop it disconnects ever few minutes.

I can’t find a machine to replace it with that captures such a large gamut of SD signal inputs. Absolute shame.

I’m also looking for something in that vein. I work on a desktop and I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Intensity Pro 4K?

no support for intensity shuttle‽ i guess i can’t update my laptop ever again :confused:

@BleuNuitVideo What Intensity Shuttle (USB 3 or Thunderbolt) and what OS and version are you using?

Check out the Pro Capture HDMI from Magewell. There is a DB9 connector with a breakout cable for CVBS, S-Video, and YPbPr. I haven’t used it myself, but have heard good things about their other cards.

Personally, I’ve had the best results with upscaling my CVBS or S-Video to VGA (usually 1080i) and then from VGA to HDMI (1080p). Many more good options out there for capturing HDMI than analog stuff these days, and this came out a lot cheaper than Analog → SDI then upscaling SDI with a Decimator or a BMD UpDownCross. Elgato just put out the new Cam Link Pro card with 4 HDMI inputs for $359, could be interesting and you’d still have 3 more HDMI inputs to play around with.


While I don’t have much experience with rescanning or comparing professional capture hardware, I have been more than happy using a RetroTink 2X Mini at the end of my chain to upscale the Edirol V4’s S-Video output to an HD signal. It’s a lagless line doubler designed for retro game consoles, so it has no issue processing really fast video. I haven’t tested how it holds up with direct input from circuit-bent gear (my setup usually has those devices going through one or two mixer TBCs before the final output), but I have never seen it drop a frame in the few months I’ve been throwing glitches at it.

The 2X Mini is the cheapest of RetroTink’s products ($80 for S-Video/CVBS → HDMI), and there are other higher end ones if you desire more input options like component/RGB and higher output resolution (the 5X-Pro appears to provide a massive upscale and is top-tier in its class among gamer-types). As for capture, I just connect the HDMI output of the 2X Mini to a generic USB-C capture card from Amazon (~$20) into my Macbook Pro, then record + export via Camtasia, Quicktime, or OBS. The results aren’t cinema-level HD or anything, but more than acceptable for being thrown on the club projector during my DJ sets. Really affordable way for me to get started sharing my glitches with the world, figured the 2X Mini and RetroTink upscalers deserve a shoutout.

Sample of capture (plus some YT compression :wink:) here:


I’m using USB 3 on a Windows 10 Home (OS build 19042.1237).

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Just an FYI that the new Apple M1 chips don’t support Black Magic Intensity Shuttle / Shuttle Thunderbolt, which I learned the hard way during an install this weekend lol. Blackmagic released a new Desktop Video driver for M1 chips but no Intensity Shuttle support, which I assume to mean there never will be.

Yep, intensity shuttle are not receiving attention anymore.

ah fuck