Introducing new scanlines chatroom!


welcome to the new scanlines chat room !

discourse (the open-source forum platform scanlines is built on) have released an update that includes a native chat feature built into the forum…

you can try it out by using the :speech_balloon: button in top right panel !

…as you may know, before now we have been running an instance of over on - its been pretty inactive for the most part lately, but has been super useful for our streamlines series and birthday showcases !

this built in chat will fully replace for that purpose - and maybe even find some new uses ? (will save us some money on server costs too :abacus: :slight_smile: ) - i will be taking the old one down in some weeks… so if you have any messages over there you want to save do it :soon:

let me know if anything seems wrong or may need to be configured, otherwise will see ya in the :speech_balloon: :speech_balloon: