Scanlines 2yr birthday showcase ๐ŸŽˆ

as some of u may remember was born 20th april 2020 โ†’ last year we celebrated this occasion with a showcase live_stream of av works created by this community - i would be v keen to do this again !

so heres the brief:

  • please send me a short video (around 10 minutes or less) of something you have created in the last year - it could be anything, from a finished av piece to a recording talking about a process or projectโ€ฆ

  • you can submit using this form . submissions will be open up until a day or so before. ireally hope you can contribute/join us in celebrating this amazing community

its stil a month away but wanna get this out now to give everyone a chance to put something together


wow, i canโ€™t believe itโ€™s been two years! feels simultaneously like scanlines has existed forever and that the last showcase was just yesterday.

let me know if you want any help with poster making or switching on the embed.

by the way, do you have the recording from last year? iโ€™m trying to remember what i submitted for that one :upside_down_face:


yss pls would love u to make a poster @palomakop - i know it is weird - i was hoping to get some more streamlines shows going between this and the last showcase but alas time slips away as always lol - maybe this yrr !

i didnt record the last showcase but still have all the submissions - your piece last year was WEIRD THINGS

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Hey! Awesome!
The video we send in would be the video to be streamed? And will the stream be audio, too?
Thanks so much for doing this and Iโ€™m happy to help any way I can!

yupp thats correct we will stream all the submissions on the birthday day - audio included :angel:

Cool, thanks!

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I doubt Iโ€™ll even have my stuff unpacked by then but Iโ€™ll try to be free to watch the stream, at least.

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Happy Birthday Scanlines! :tv::sparkles::birthday:

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what would be the planned GMT for this? and is anyone thinking about making a flyer?

What if the video I want to submit is longer than 10 minutes? Can I send it anyway and youโ€™ll just cut it?

Itโ€™s a A/V mix that Iโ€™d like to share, however given itโ€™s a mix itโ€™s kinda hard to cut it or edit it so it makes sense. At the same time I donโ€™t wanna take too much air time in the showcase stream.

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last yr we did it starting at 4;20pm edt - sounds like @palomakop might be up for making poster again - but also if you or anyone else wants to im grateful for the contribution :wink:

if u rather me cut it at 10mins thats no problem

i am always happy to make a flyer but not attached to if if anyone else wants to
so @andrei_jay if you want to do a poster that would be cool!

Iโ€™ve been meaning to put together a little datamosh mix from all the videos I havenโ€™t really been able to post anywhere.

would I be allowed to submit a mix a music videos that have been datamoshed or would copyright on the music potentially be an issue?

Nichole and I have been working on getting a new house and all the nonsense that goes into it since November so we have been a bit MIA but should be getting back into the full video art swing ~august.

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i donโ€™t think we will have any issue with copyright since we are running our own stream server (as opposed to using twitch, youtube, etc. with automatic flagging)


Sent a link to the YT video of the first thing that I ever did with Structure and rescanning. If YT is not okay, Iโ€™ll get the file out of the archive (located elsewhere) and flop it on to WeTransfer or similar.

Cool idea.

also probably not a big deal if multiple ppl want to make their own flyers too!

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just finished my piece a little bit ago
datamoshing madness mega mix
although there is more timeโ€ฆmaybe I can remosh or send it through some TD stuff before then.

I canโ€™t wait to see what other people are doing

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so I got my video uploaded today and submitted but I realized I should probably have done a google drive link instead of just a youtube link.

Iโ€™ll PM you that link tomorrow when I get it uploaded @cyberboy666 Iโ€™ll probably try to get it uploaded on the videos.scanlines too.

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ok, so putting together the flyer info rn, have

Event name: scanlines 2 year birthday party

date 4-20 (legalize it)

time (GMT) ?

event type: live streaming pre recorded stuffs from the scanlines community, video feedback, video synthesis, glitch art, new media, creative coding etc + hang out in the chat

list of some ppl invovled? this is optional, i can leave space in the design if we want to add some folks or nah

anything obvious iโ€™m missing? i usually do when i put these together lol