Memory palace type fx

Are there any suggestions for doing that fading, repeating delay type fx that memory palace does to external video input/image with any other module/gear?

the waaave pool does this!

i also use a korg entrancer inside a feedback loop from a mixer to get something similar.


oh awesome! I played with waaave pool a bit but wasn’t sure if it took video in or strictly web cam. Wanting to manipulate videos from youtube mostly. I’ll take a deeper dive! Thanks for your help!

you can use a composite > USB capture card to send video into it from what I remember


I’m actually working on a MP type patch for touchdesigner I just posted about over here


Signal Culture’s Frame Buffer app is another nice little implementation of similar FX. But it is not a standalone device.


just refreshing myself on the SC frame buffer and it is part of the MP approach.

As far as I’ve got things setup this would be in paint mode where setting the delay time higher than zero will play back whatever is in the buffer until it is written over by something else.

A couple things that are different
no transforms / color changing possibilities /external keying / displacement

this is a cool app for sure!


amazing. I love the mariah carey bit lol…im wondering if running td through with other modules is possible, seems like a much better bet to go this route than hunting down more gear. Thanks for sharing your hard work!


You definitely can! One of the things I’ve been working on lately is making certain video devices available as fully playable TD components.

Still making progress but its been a lot of fun so far, especially with the help of @wednesdayayay !


yes amazing…I would love to try these out! :slight_smile:

For sure! I’m still working pretty heavily on the project but you can find more about it at my github.


@rainbowconnection not sure if you saw but I posted this exact thing over here Touchdesigner instrument VVeb

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