Post some video link/embeds of your stuff here!

Recently did a silent set with the Fairlight for algorave’s 10th birthday, and I was very pleased how it came out.


passed another threshold recently…
now there are just over 500 sessions of LATE NIGHT NOIZ FOR LATE NIGHT FIENDS on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you like noizscapes. :stuck_out_tongue:
for other noiz info visit:

here’s the ever growing playlist…


ooh yes this is look particularly good!

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here is a new talk/lecture/performance art/incoherent ramble i just posted up on the internet tubes. If you think this audio is hard to understand just imagine if i spent the whole thing doing my impersonation of the turkey hunter from vernon, florida


Introducing my new artistic endeavour ‘Luma Industries’. A new working collaboration with sonic artist Paul Mazzitelli.

42, 64 second generative audio phrases drive three layers of audio reactive generative visual which are randomly triggered to create an ever evolving sonic and visual installation.

HD teaser of LUMA (42) now online for your viewing pleasure.

Turn off the lights. Turn up the volume. Hit fullscreen.

Custom aluminium projection structure with GarageCube LED battens and two 6 watt RGB lasers (driven by MadMapper 5 and MadLaser). Content by Resolume.


Dawwww. Facebook cares about me and the memories I share enough to corrupt my corrupted video :heartpulse:


Vidiot and circuit-bent Archer enhancer into waaaves


My latest. A quick and dirty glitched up video I put together for a bit of music I made.

I used an ACT video processor that I circuit bent, along with a Mezkalin Synthwave Killer, and an Edirol v4 for mixing.


…Roland P-10 via Panasonic WJ-MX30 into Spectral Mesh:


Audio-visual mix that was submission for ENTER THE VOID 2.0 stream

Lotsa camera feedback inside.

I was told it has Kenneth Anger and occult vibes, and not gonna lie, that’s what we were aiming for when making this.

All visuals made by MOONSPEED and music by Lotus Reaction

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Audio is from a benjolin and two tracks of guitar pedal feedback loops with a touch plate for rhythms. I like feedback audio with feedback video. The benjolin is also throwing CV to my Vidiot, which is seeding the feedback.

I found this desert road trip home movie on the internet archive. I composed the song in bitwig studio, leaning heavily on arturia pigments. I cut and edited the video to transition scenes on beats (total pain in the ass). Then i made a preset in bitwig to control every parameter on the roland V8. I used the various modulators and automation lanes to control the V8 while the song and video played. Ive put togeter a VSERPI preset too, so im hoping to make more videos this way. If anyone uses bitwig id be happy to share the controller presets.