Scanlines birthday community showcase - open call for participation

yeah, i would like to do more in theory but i’m not able to volunteer to organize within the next couple months as i’m about to move and things will be hectic for a while. quarterly sounds like it might be doable for me, but i’m happy to enable the stream embed for anyone who wants to do a stream at any point in general as long as we arrange in advance, so feel free to hit me up.

PS i’d also totally be interested in smoking weed professionally as well but sadly no one has offered me the opportunity yet. so feel free to hit me up about that as well.

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I volunteer as tribute!

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re more streams: im def keen for this. and happy to help with the organising etc (gonna have quite. a bit more spare time for artz stuff in a couple months so watch this space lol)

imo tho the community showcases could be a little less frequent than monthly… gives time for people to put together new stuff / makes it more of a ‘special event’

i would like to get the monthly streamlines events running again soon tho - think it is nice to regularly focus / showcase someones work in the long form… (also less overhead to coordinate maybe) … then every 3rd or 4th one could be a group screening or something ?


Quaterly sounds perfect for larger community screenings and maybe monthly for like special events focusing on something / someone in particular? I could imagine it being interesting to have like special screenings focusing on a particular technique or something like that?

I’m deffinitely up to help with anything I can!


we are fully setup again and were streaming last Sunday for ~5 hours on the video art chat.

We are always up for more streaming here! If nobody is reaching out then we will get one setup for May :slight_smile:


totally reasonable and makes sense.

maybe another way to make it more doable is if it was a cluster of 3-6 artists at a time with sign ups for that month’s slot. then a bigger group event for the yearly showcase.

i say this like i don’t have a ton of family and job responsibilities :slight_smile:

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Videonica did this recently, 10 or so shows with works from 5-6 artists each, over the space of several months in the second half of 2020. It was great!

Some (maybe all) of the shows are still available: Twitch

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Quarterly sounds good to me.

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looks really cool! Where was that stream? Which Video Art Chat?

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here is the thread from when we started

it is a video chat that is officially every two weeks (the next one is this sunday 5/8/21) on Sundays @1PM EST/6PM GMT on the LZX discord

here is an invite to the server.
I’m in the middle of some server overhauls currently so some things are changing.

for instance over the past few days I’ve added ~200 self selectable roles to help facilitate better communication on the board.
You can pretty much design a whole video synthesis system within discord at this point and people can @ you if they have questions etc…
That is where I was streaming but my partner and I also stream to our youtube here is the last one we did


Thanks, just joined the discord. Won’t be able to make it this sunday but the next one!


i need to try to make it to one of these some time

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we would love that!
There is a chat coming up this Sunday.

I’ve been playing around with an ASCII bot on there a bit today :slight_smile:


I would be so into seeing this. I contributed my video and then work ate my brain and I had to miss the stream :sob:.


@sarahghp your submission was one of my fav from the streams - iv watched it a couple of times now ! :blush:

and yeap i am going to get around to asking everyone who submitted if they want to be part of a video compilation and then stitching them together and uploading here… soon. if anything because i need to free some space on my harddrive lol… been too busy lately but gonna have more time sooooon :sweat_smile:


I’m OK with being in the compilation.

thanks for the reminder, been meaning to send! submitting via the form now


this is the thread from last year, so i just wanted to make sure that you submitted to the form for this year (2022)'s edition! Scanlines 2yr birthday showcase 🎈

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was you’re right, thanks for catching that @palomakop! just resubmitted for the right year :slight_smile:

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everyone in this lively thread please consider submitting something this week for the next birthday showcase happening again very soon ?

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