Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1, psu build

Finished with component selection. Choosing the housing before I design the board so I know it will be a snug fit. Test housings should be here in a few days.

I got a VEQ that I never use. DM me an offer if anyone wants it

Where are you located? Does it have a power supply and is in working order?

South Florida, yes has a power supply. it’s the version that uses a 12vac supply instead of split supply DIN

Ah, schucks. I’m looking for the other version.

Definitely not an expert in power supply creation, but what’s stopping anyone from just using two separate 5V DC chargers with their outputs wired in “series” meaning the center has one negative and one positive that would then be your ground? That would give you +5V on one pin, -5V on another pin in reference to the center tapped pin which is your ground. If you measure from the +5V pin to the -5V pin, you’ll get a reading of 10V which is the series total and that should be how it was on the original adapter as well.

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I don’t know if anyone suggested this yet.
My idea would be to use an isolated 5V power brick for the negative rail.
Because its isolated you could feed it 12V from a wallplug and wire the outputs positive voltage to your ground and you would get a -5V rail on its output GND. For the +5V you could then use a simple 5V linear regulator.
something like this should do the trick:

The unit I am working on (and currently awaiting round one of the PCBs for) will let you use an off-the-shelf 12v power adapter, to produce the -5 and +5 required. My design houses everything in a small aluminum box that you can velcro to the side of your VE-1. There is a standard DC barrel jack input and a short length of wire with the necessary DIN plug on the end. Slap it on the side of your VE-1, plug in the short DIN cord, and leave it there. It will essentially convert a -5/+5 VE-1 to use a bog standard, run of the mill, every day 12v adapter that most of us probably have in a drawer somewhere.

I’ve also drawn up a more complex USB-C unit that would power your VE-1 from a USB-C PD adapter, but I don’t know if anyone would be interesting in that one…

I actually have three designs being tested simultaneously. I’ll go with whatever design is the most practical from both a cost standpoint (if I make it cheaper, it costs you less) and a quality standpoint (cheap could mean dirty power, spend a little more and get a lot more.). I often do this when designing something. I investigate multiple routes at the same time.

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Just got a few demo cables from my cable manufacturer. They’re looking good. Making progress slowly, but surely.

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Switching regulator modules have arrived, housing have arrived, 2nd revision of board is about to be ordered. Specialty capacitors are on order. Regulator modules require component swap but that should be relatively painless. Bulk cable order is on its way. There is a little bit of laser cutting I need to do, but since I have access to an industrial laser cutter, that won’t be a problem, either. Have settled on the best design to keep costs low but produce a reliable and well-built product.


Gerbers sent out for PCB production. Getting close to final assembly and testing.


PCBs are on their way. The arduous task of swapping two SMD components on a prefab module was tested today and it works great. Just need to do it en masse now. Housings have arrived. Custom cables are out for delivery today. A VE-1 was secured on eBay for testing. Once it arrives, I can test all of this out for real. Circuit can output a clean -5/+5 at 600ma each without breaking a sweat. Approaching the finish line. Once PCBs arrive, I can solder up a complete unit and begin laser cutting the necessary case components.


This is a great idea. I’d love to buy a pcb off you when they’re ready.

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This will be a completed product. I wasn’t intending on selling PCBs since the construction of the supply entails some rework on a pre-existing board. The finished product will be small and I’m doing everything I can to keep the cost low.


Awesome, I’m still interested.thanks for making this

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Thank you for your interest. I don’t really make much money off of these projects. I mostly just want to help the video art community.


Hello! I’ll be happy to get another one, i don’t mind the cost.

Hey I have been following this thread for a while. I would love to get a power supply when they are done.

Circuit boards have arrived, along with all other components. I will solder one together today and test it with my testing VE-1, although I’m not too sure of the health of my particular VE-1.

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