Whats everyone working on these days?

Happy to help debug if you get blocked

thanks, thats very kind. I think it’s just a case of getting python running properly im not sure of. I will see if I can get that going. I have ffmpeg already running well.

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I’ve really 68 times in the past year //:: 100 by Christmas. https://youtube.com/channel/UCxZDInvpI9p9C5JcqcK4gwQ?si=7Evdh2IpGmaf8Ee0Sofa sauce

I’ve been working on my project a lot over the past two weeks, and it’s enjoyed some serious updates. I’m just excited to share it :slight_smile:


beautiful work!

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absolutely love this and really really really want to learn more! though im unfortunately a windows user not quite computer literate enough to use the program as is :frowning:

as for projects im pretty basic level but on a whim just started a twitter account to post random edits made spontaneously on my phone.
hope you enjoy. ive also made some more detailed extended length stuff but probably nothing compared to what the rest of you get up to


Yeah it might be a little intimidating as it is right now. Packaging the project up into a single executable is on my TODO list, and I’ll def post here when that’s done!


Here’s my first successful hard glitch out of Compressure. I’ve gotta figure out how to maintain (or reconstruct) a valid bitstream with ffmpeg because this video quickly crashed VLC and I had to capture it with OBS instead of sharing the actual video file.


workin’ some stuff with multiple neighborhood cellular automata
it is very fun :slight_smile:

video’s a bit bland but i found some cool textures


very cool! I’ve never used godot, can you share more about it?

its a game engine, very useful and elegantly designed. (open source too!)
using it for its 3d capabilities as well as its high level networking abilities. (i don’t have the time for low level)
The cellular automata here is made with a screen space shader of sorts.
The system’s going to be used for unique texture generation within the game. I am very excised.


Cool, thanks for sharing!

Here’s my newest piece and my first video in UHD (3840x2160). I’m starting to experiment more with source videos that I’m creating myself, which is a new way to play with the compressure system


new datamoshing

bringing several different workflows together for this one

background is the result of our collage deck workflow being processed by LZX via a switcher. Collage deck is a set of apps that allow for cutting/displaying multiple tiles of video on the same desktop in a borderless way. LZX processing is super light (something something luma > Y modulation based outlines > swatch Y in) so messing with the luma of an image while keeping its color components unaltered. Combining the original video with the LZX processed one via switcher means that the images are slightly off in both placement and in time (when things are moving very fast)

This particular collage deck output was something where instead of video tiles I wanted something more like video bookmarks set side by side.

I wanted to play with a double border using the same material. This was the idea that got me to this place.

bringing in datamoshed video via switchers second mix effect bus and a simple soft edged wipe.

this way everything sort of flows together from the outside with soft video > clean video > soft border of main video

then for the actual datamoshing we went through our typical predictive datamoshing workflow > our touch designer playhead skipper / boxy feedback painter patch > capture multiple takes) > (one take) ffmpeg for some light frame differencing

brought all those data mosh pieces together in a NLE and captured live via switcher.


Nice live show by Moogulator with live video by myself


Here’s a few experiments we’ve done lately. Big issue is the capture card rendering size and quality of course, but would love to hear feedback on how to keep improving! Really works in progress as we learn more. Cheers to all the great work shared in this community!





Buckle up…… for starters that participated in this 24 hour festival really proud of how this turned out. Awesome Downtempo vibes.
Viz_wel.tv sunrise ceremony

Helped a friend who recorded an album in eight hours remix his documentary to be more visually stimulating
No Emotion Gold Mask eight hour erection documentary

I’ve really got into AI assisted video generation/manipulation

This is my lo-fi album, really obscure from other lo-fi, accompanied by full visual mixtape taking a look inside many different vehicles when I use AI, I try my best to break it as much as possible
Discarded Dreams (chilling in my thoughts)

I’m gonna post this and continue below, so I don’t lose a bunch of progress

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Continuing with my work AI assisted video work. I’ve been practising re-texturing as seen below. Rick and Morty reminds me of the old celebrity death match also manipulated a part of Super TroopersPickle Rick
Littering and littering and littering, and

And last, but not least for the AI stuff, I create a full visual mix tape for Bassnectar’s new album, the golden rule, which is a banger if you haven’t heard it
The Golden Rule

I’ve released five new albums and a single with a variety of genres, including folk, dubstep, drum and bass, metal, lo-fi and hip-hop

Grow up and quit rapping


The party never ends

Garbage Blossoms

The poster child for when keeping it real goes wrong

Larry phuks the east land fisherman

I literally released all this music in like a period of three months no reason to sit on it if I die tomorrow, my kids can listen to it LOL
Also, I was able to run Visuals for a few shows. I have a movie in the works and I’m learning to properly solder, mainly because I want to use my mainbow. Hoping I can combine it with a vidicraft detailer 3 and possibly a numark AVM01. I’m hoping I can remove the audio capabilities from the AVM01 to make a room for the mainbow, but that’s all up in the air

If you made it this far you are a real one and I appreciate you one final thing. I was a part of bump fest which got turned into. Bump TV on the Ryan Celsius sounds YouTube channel here’s a playlist

I’m also it 724 of my subscribers, so if you like the content do me a favour hit that subscribe button my year end goal was 1000 starting last New Year’s

Oh yeah, I also made an awesome website for my rebranding I kind of started a band with myself called 12matt3r it
At least houses are my aliases

Sorry for being so long winded hope you’re all doing well. Best of vibes


It will be in Tuolumne County in California.



Video was edited using Adobe Premiere, with After Effects used for* some rotoscoping and datamoshing.

I sent the video through my analog setup with my Feedback synth, imported the capture into my project, set the blend mode to Pin Light, and then periodically added it in to give the melting look throughout the video. Next to no masking was done.

After that, I took the finished video and ran it through my setup again, this time with a different synth for texturing the video. I recorded it onto a tape, captured the recording and then put the capture over the original timeline. I added Noise at around 20%, Brightness and Contrast at around 50/50, and then set the blend mode to soft light and done. Gives the video an analog texture that looks grainy but is still clear, if that makes sense.

I highly recommend experimenting with blend modes of your synth captures, it gives the video unique textures and allows you to fry the video but still keep it coherent, if done right.

Hopefully this gives someone some ideas

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