Whats everyone working on these days?

Hello. I am currently working on an AV show.

Eveything is analog. I make electronic music with tape loops and then make a visual on top.

My video setup consists of three cameras, two VCR’s, a 3TrinsRGB+1c, a schele mixer, a Vivanco router, Roland V4, a couple Panasonic Ave-5 and a Mezkalin Rusty Joe for texture + audio reactivity.

It’s coming along quite nicely.

It’s a bit difficult because I do everything on the spot. I tend to rely on dynamic states so i don’t have to constantly tweak the video to keep it interesting while I make music.

You can watch it here



Extremely late to the party, but I absolutely love this work!

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I’m excited to share that I’ll be exhibiting my work in a gallery setting for the first time next week, and it’ll be my first ever audiovisual piece! Here’s a short clip from the piece, called “fraction”

Made with footage I filmed on a Canon Rebel T5i and processed in my custom video glitching software Compressure, with music I made on my modular synthesizer.


Great work!! Really nice job! @mip

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Here’s the full piece I debuted last night in Austin, Texas, USA. I’m happy to answer any questions about it. I suggest viewing with headphones. Note that the piece is about 10 minutes long and features some slight strobing effects that may be difficult for some viewers.


Some simple keying/compositing to accompany Mantra Chanting. Death Conquering Mantra (Sanskrit)