Whats everyone working on these days?

Really nice! The output reminds me of the Video Equations Video Synth.

Video Equations is on my inspiration list in addition to Ming Mecca/Micro World Core and Lightwall NES rom.


reminder to submit what you been working on these days to our annual community showcase happening this weekend!

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It’s been a while since I’ve made anything particularly glitchy. I’ve been experimenting with Super 8 video a lot instead (money pit!!).

Anyway I fired up the rig last night and ran some of the Super 8 footage through the Tachyon OptiGlitch and Mezkalin Synthwave Killah, with clips recorded/played back through the Roland P10 - with a TBC used when needed. The Edirol v4 gave some help as well. Here’s the result.


Tinkering with different ways of syncing eurorack video synths. In this case I’m just sending a gate out the song in my daw that triggers a sample & hold that drives two phase mod channels on the Mainbow. It’s interesting that sometimes it snaps between two states and sometimes smooshes between them, not sure if that’s just the nature of the circuit, or if it’s because I’m sending eurorack levels into something expecting LZX levels.

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I am creating modules on Drambo to drive 2 Raspberry via MIDI and filter everything on gravity waves, I take advantage of the option that Drambo offers to virtualize the oscillators in MIDI CC, so it would be nice to be able to change the reception channel from 1 to 2 in a such that with a tablet I can use a single source, the advantage that all the synthesizers on raspberry use the same cc offers me the opportunity to create specific sequences for the entire raspberry-based ecosystem, naturally it becomes very practical to bring the audio. As soon as I finish it I’ll post the link if you’re interested.


did a live show with @andrei_jay as REALITY ORP earlier this month, and actually managed to get a decent recording of it.


Made a lil demo of my latest project


I did a short trial for Resolume Arena and started building a patch. Feels super familiar, like an Ableton Live for video. Learning the software was relatively straightforward, now I have to build something and I find it very challenging to make cohesive, but exciting videos. Looking forward to building something awesome!