Whats everyone working on these days?


…i have the @macumbista -infection…

…after i stumbled upon Dereks website and bought his book (available from Lulu.com by the way) i have today modded my first Vectrex - most probably successfully (Gameplay does still work, switching to Y during gameplay colapses everything, switching to X or Z blanks the screen):


…just for reference: this seems to be expected behaviour - as long as the ‘spot kill’ is active: as soon as i switch off the spot-kill, i get the lines as expected in all axis (and a spot in Z)…


v nice work ! love looking inside these machines - i can smell the dusty insides of that vectrex from here lol :heart_eyes_cat:

I’ve been going back through my OLD (from 2007 onward!) Blog, and updating it with Show Flyers/Show Footage/Gear Photos/Manuals/all sorts of wacky crap. . .

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I am new here but wanted to post a few glitched images I’ve been working on. I’ll make a longer post in the introduction thread but I’ve been diving into analog video glitching lately.


welcome @DistortedReality and really neat work everyone … love the optics @555sounds, gorgeous stills @thenoiseoftime, and congrats on the mod @fairplay!


I have been working on a PAL sync generator built with logic chips. The Horizontal and vertical sync looks good so far.
Most of my schematic is adapted from these videos .
I hope to implemente a genlock function, althought finding a usable VCXO is pretty complicated and all the alternatives require a lot of circuitery.


Still all music, lately I’ve been doing everything with the MPC2000xl I got cheap back when nobody wanted them, it’s a really good exercise to have to fit everything I need for a track in 32mb of sample RAM.

Video setup has gotten slightly more organized but I still haven’t hooked everything up again. Eventually.

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i have a Visual stimulant addiction. my rig is almost complete. music is also flowing
d(–_–)b new mixtape out meow

Visual Stimulants

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It’s … I think (can’t quite remember) - shooting iPhone visualizer app with macro lens through a prism

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The last part is shooting through fake plastic ice cubes!


resolume composition using clips made from analog video captures and gifs ~ :space_invader:


Experiments with “randomly” generated fragment shaders and some footage as input.

My approach in this experiment:
With a small Lisp program I can create „random“ source codes snippets. The results are syntactically correct fragment shaders. These fragment shaders can be changed later by mutation. Also the crossing of two different shader programs is possible (with restrictions).

So I can breed small populations of animations. I then select what I find graphically appealing. Among all the resulting patterns, however, there are only few interesting ones.

The produced animations belong to the area of the generative graphic systems. But in addition two videos are played in the filter pipeline. They are integrated into the animation by the generated (or manually designed) fragment shaders. Thus the all too clean style of the generative patterns is broken by the movie clips.


i’m currently dealing with my archive of video work from over the years. working on making a new artist website for myself using very simple plain html and css. my current site uses cargo, which costs money and has issues with data lock-in. so i’m trying to create something that’s more portable and flexible for the long term.

since i have a lot of video work, i had to decide how to embed it. on my old site, i used vimeo, but i don’t want to pay for that any more either, and i also want to have more control and be able to make the site low bandwidth friendly. so there is a lot of tweaking parameters that goes into this, i’m going to maybe do like a longer post with a write up at some point.

meanwhile, i’m also moving all of the videos from my vimeo onto youtube, in chronological order. Paloma Kop - YouTube


Lovely! I’m mesmerized by the raster scan video (first I clicked on) thanks for sharing!

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…besides other things i am building another live-setup - or better yet: another block to add to my existing setup - or perhaps i am just playing around - not sure yet:


Just made this: