What is this group about

i think is be good to have like a mission statement or general emission of ethos folks can read when they join. making a wiki sos we can all edit. and maybe it stays a wiki so that it keeps being editable as community grows

in general i think its sometimes better to define ethos in terms of “this is what we want to see” as opposed to “absolutely none of this” terminology. its pretty easy to rephrase “none of this bullshit will be tolerated” into less aggro stuffs, and id like to lean agains any kind of heavy handed admin shit unless like its absolutely necessary.

aiming for slow word of mouth growth vs mass posting/spam advertising style. like just personally invite people you think would like to hang out here!

open to beginners, friendly to outsiders
*sharing information and resources
*discouraging consumerism (less of “check out what i bought/what should i buy” gear fetish)/encouraging DIY “what can I make/how i can i open source it”

-if theres like any kind of stratification baked into these boards (like post counts and/or like counts that then lead to exclusive priveleges and/or little profile titles like “eldritch techno root wizard supreme” maybe disable them?

something i think about when communicating with others is before i say something try and think “is this adding to the conversation?” i think this kind of sums up a lot of what can end up being negative communications on the internet (real life too but thats kind of out of my control ) is folks who feel the need to just inject their opinions/advice in situtations where its not being asked for nor adding anything productive to a conversation. theres probably better ways to phrase this tho in terms of balancing making folks feel welcome with discouraging people just talking to hear themselves speak


I disabled the “badges” that automatically get applied when a you have certain numbers of posts, etc. Not only for the anti-hierarchy reasons but because I found them irritating.

Another thing I’d like to do is start brainstorming about topics & sections for what we want to discuss here. I think it’s best to start with just a few categories and let them grow organically - for example i created a “wiki” category where I was thinking we could start building those pages, but eventually we might want to break it up into multiple wiki sections.

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word! yeah i was thinking for categeories like

  1. whats are yr projects?
  2. questions/help plz!
  3. study group topics
  4. claude shannon: the life and times of the founder of information theory
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